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Located in Los Angeles

Countdown Live Escape Games in Los Angeles is located in the heart of Los Angeles, California. It features two challenging game rooms to escape from. If you like puzzles then come get locked in a room for an hour with your coworkers and solve the puzzles to escape the room. You will have an hour to find all the clues and win the game. Each room present multiple team oriented puzzles to solve in order to get to the final puzzle.

What do People Think of our Escape Games?

I played both of Countdown Live Escape's games. The scenic quality of both the Spaceship and the Psycho was impressive - so they certainly get major points from me in that area. The games were fun and challenging - and overall we absolutely preferred the Psycho room by a lot. The Psycho game, on the other hand had some fun twists on puzzles that made them much more unique, and felt like there was a bit more to work on at the same time to keep the majority of our group moving. The staff here is wonderful. Super friendly and very down to earth. It's a warm and welcoming environment unlike some escape rooms that feel cold and clinical when you walk in the door. Loved the design of the Spaceship more than the Psycho Room. There were a couple of clever clues in the Psycho Room and a few red herrings to keep you busy the whole time. We escaped with five minutes left. I think if we had about five more minutes in the Spaceship, we would have escaped. We weren't quite sure how many clues we could have asked for, but in the Psycho Room, we only asked one to make sure we were on the right track. I think we asked for a couple of hints in the Spaceship. They did mention that they made the Spaceship slightly easier since I last went bc of the difficulty.

Fun and Challenging Escape Games

We are LA's newest hotspot, however, the challenge here isn't getting in, it's about getting out. You open your eyes. You're surrounded by four walls and the only door is locked. You wonder how you're going to get out - 45 minutes - the clock is ticking. Your heart pounds as you frantically look for a key, clues, anything that will help reach freedom. You wonder if you'll make it out in time; only 40 minutes left. The first 5 minutes have already elapsed without you noticing. Someone shouts, breaking you out of your trance - they've found something. Will this lead to your escape or is this challenge just beginning? We're taking immersive gaming to a whole new level. Our challenges transport you to another world that is more interactive than any video game or virtual reality experience. Work with your team against the clock to find clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately escape from one of our rooms. Find out if you have what it takes to break free - escape from the monotony of your average night!

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